Sample YouthNet Summer Internships:

Maplewood Public Library 
South Orange Public Library 
Local realtors 
The Village of South Orange 
The Coalition on Race 
Lydia Johnson Dance Company 
Retail stores in Maplewood and South Orange 
Rocket Print 
Tutor Time 
Art Studios in Maplewood​

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Forms:

YN 2010 Mentorship/Intern Program

22 students applied for the internship.
YouthNet held an orientation meeting in June and 13 students attended.
4 students that didn't attend were interviewed separately.
5 students were no shows, and when contacted did not respond.
10 students will be entering 11th grade at CHS.
5 students will be entering 12th grade at CHS.
2 students will be entering 9th grade at CHS.
7 are female.
10 are male.

Several internship placements are still pending, the following have begun:
Signal Graphics in South Orange
Maplewood Library
South Orange Library
HK Community Fund/Jelley Communications
Art Studio, Inc.
Eden Gourmet
Freeholders Office/Newark Hall of Records
Maplewood Garden
Jersey Animal Coalition
Maplewood Movie Theater
Pending:  South Orange Village Hall, Coalition on Race​​

Local internship offerings...

YouthNet Gives Students a Taste of Real World Work, News-Record, December 3, 2009.  Page 1.  Page 2.


The CHS Guidance Department, in coordination with YOUTHNET, a non-profit organization serving teens in Maplewood and S.Orange, piloted a summer mentoring/internship program for CHS students.   This summer, 9 students who applied and were recommended by their guidance counselors participated in the first summer mentoring program in the district. Students came together to discuss their interests and were then placed with organizations and businesses that were willing to take on a mentoring role, develop a relationship with the students and share their expertise, ideals and tribulations.   Here’s where the students were MENTORED:  Rockn’ Joes Café in Millburn, Eden Gourmet (marketing dept) in S.O., S.O. Public Library, The Community Coalition on Race, The Township of South Orange, Stories in Motion in Maplewood, Christine Coster Farm Insurance Agency in Maplewood and Main Street South Orange. The work experiences were varied and some will continue in the fall ….

Here is some feedback from participating students…

Brianna (10th grade), S.O. Public Library —"It was a great experience. I hope to participate again next year."
Johnny (10th grade), Community Coalition on Race - "I got a lot out of it and felt like I was helping them too."
Kristina (11th grade), Eden Gourmet - "It was great to see how all the departments worked together to make a wonderful store like Eden Gourmet happen."
Quincy (12th grade), Rock'n Joes -  "it worked out for me, it was what I wanted and I’ll be able to earn some money on the schedule in the fall."
Jennifer (10th grade), Stories in Motion - "I really wanted to work in dance and this gave me the opportunity."
Marcus (11th grade), - "I was mentored in two places, the library and the township. They were both interesting and gave me different experiences…I’ll come back in the fall."
Ogonna (11th gr), Eric (10th gr), and Nathan (11th gr) also participated in internships.​